guys never realize that. 

Why play games though? Just come out and say no, don’t seem to hard.

cause the word “no” is not in ya’ll vocabulary.

Who is this ya’ll you speak of?

Honestly flat out saying no can be really scary. A lot of guys will be cool and leave you alone, but there are enough that won’t that I don’t always feel comfortable saying no. You don’t always know how a guy will react. I’ve had enough bad experiences that I always have an excuse or friend because I’m not willing to take that chance. Sometimes “playing games” is keeping myself safe.

That’s absolutely terrible, I know from personal experience I like women to be straight up with me. At the same time I know guys who are so childish and petty.

Childish guys are the easier ones. I’d rather deal with a childish guy that talks shit than a guy that gets violent. Either sucks but its the lesser of two evils

exists for a reason.

Dudes out here are legit KILLING AND MAIMING WOMEN FOR SAYING NO OUTRIGHT and you wondering why we have to ‘play these games?’

I have been verbally harassed and FOLLOWED FOR SIX CITY BLOCKS for not giving a man my number. I thank GOD I wasn’t killed that day.

Sometimes “no” just isn’t worth the hassle, I’ve been followed, threatened, screamed at, I had a guy on the street pull out a screwdriver once and threaten to stab me in the throat for saying no thank you when he asked me to go clubbing with him. Sometimes it’s easier - and safer - just to play the game. If I’m put in a situation where I have to physically defend myself I KNOW given the way the system works that *I* will be the one who goes to prison or gets a permanent record for trying to stop someone attacking me.

I hate that we have to defend the reality of this to men who’ve had years to listen, to hollaback, the aps made for women walking alone, who could just open their eyes in public if they really wanted to see.

Seriously they have only to open their eyes on any sidewalk or subway car to realise men are terrifying! I’ve been followed and yelled at by men while passersby just averted their eyes. If men don’t know at this point, it’s because they don’t WANT to know.

"Good people are like candles; they burn themselves up to give others light."
--Turkish Proverb (via catic)


Abandoned Victorian Tree House. A two-story replica of a Victorian-style home which also goes by the name of ‘Honky Ranch’. Located in South East Florida, USA. 

"No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying. - Anthony Robbins"
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"Why do you want this job?"

Because under capitalism I am forced to sell my labor in order to subsist.


I’ve recently decided to freeze myself to -273℃. My friends think I’ll die, but I’ll be 0K.

"Hell is
loving you in my sleep
and waking up alone."
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